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COLMi C61 Smartwatch IP67 Waterproof


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COLMi C61 Smartwatch IP67 Waterproof

Real blood oxygen: COLMi C61 uses red light technology to measure blood oxygen health more realistically and accurately, and can monitor your health status.

Super chip: COLMi C61 uses RTL8762D chip and Bluetooth 5.1 low power consumption technology, which reduces power consumption by 20% and improves performance by 30% compared with the previous generation chip.

COLMi P28 Plus Smartwatch IP67 Waterproof

SKU: P28-RTL8762CK

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Super chip: COLMi P28 Plus adopts RTL8762C main chip, which is small in size, strong in power, super powerful in computing, and provides accurate data information.

Super sports: COLMi P28 Plus has 28 sports modes, which can record sports data and supervise physical exercise.

Many dials: more than 100 dials, with different colors and styles, you can find your favorite dial.

COLMi P45 Smartwatch IP67 Waterproof

SKU: P45-GR5515

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COLMi P45 Smartwatch uses the latest generation of blood oxygen sensor, red light detects blood oxygen, the effect is more real and accurate.

It supports up to 118 sports modes to meet all your sports needs and keep you healthy. Built-in 3 kinds of menu views, 4 kinds of mini-games, and a calculator.

COLMi P50 Smartwatch IP67 Waterproof

SKU: P50-GR5515

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The COLMI P50 is the latest fourth generation smartwatch in our P series. It has a 1.81-inch large screen, supports 20+ kinds of sports, and has a built-in NFC chip and storage space, and supports TWS headphones.

COLMi P8 GT Smartwatch IP67 Waterproof


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Super chip: COLMi P8 GT adopts the main chip of RTL8762C, which provides accurate and fast computing data.

Women’s health: COLMi P8 GT can provide detailed information on women’s menstrual status and remind them of their menstrual cycle.

Wrist bright screen: COLMi P8 GT can quickly check the time and check the message status by raising the hand and turning the wrist to turn on the screen, which is convenient and quick.